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  • Brasserie Le Pont

    Brasserie Le Pont

    Brasserie Le Pont is a very popular restaurant  tucked away in the large basement of a Georgi... more

  • Brasserie One

    Brasserie One

    Take one great Georgian Quarter, a great Georgian House, a lady with a great eye for style, detail... more

  • Brennan's Lane

    Brennan's Lane

    The West has certainly come awake when in comes to food in the past few years, what with gourmet f... more

  • Cafe Noir - Maison du Cafe et des Patisseries

    Cafe Noir - Maison du Cafe et des Patisseries

    Pat O’Sullivan has created one of the most dynamic Café/Restaurant chains in Limerick... more

  • Castle Leslie Estate

    Castle Leslie Estate

    Tracing your ancestors and Who Do You Think You are is huge business these days but most people pr... more

  • Cava Bodega

    Cava Bodega

    There is no doubt but the colour, vibrancy, drama and romance of Spain has held a huge attraction ... more

  • Chakra by Jaipur

    Chakra by Jaipur

    I don’t very often get time to luxuriate in Spas however, the last time I did, a beautiful s... more

  • Chameleon Indonesian Restaurant

    Chameleon Indonesian Restaurant

    My first introduction to Indonesian food was some thirty years ago in Amsterdam when I was immedia... more

  • Chapter One Restaurant

    Chapter One Restaurant

    One of Ireland’s greatest restaurant success stories has to be Chapter One. It was a bit lik... more

239 restaurants

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