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Diep Le Shaker

Contact Information

Diep Le Shaker
Matthew Farrell Snr, Matthew Farrell Jnr, Alexandra Farrell
55 Pembroke Lane, Dublin 2,

Telephone: 01 6611829

Diep Le Shaker was one of those restaurants that hit the ground running almost ten years ago – and it has maintained the pace – it is every bit as good as it was on t...

Diep Le Shaker
  • Diep Le Shaker
  • Diep Le Shaker
  • Diep Le Shaker
  • Diep Le Shaker

Good to know

Opening hours:
Lunch Tuesday - Friday 12.20pm - 2.15pm Dinner Tuesday - Wednesday 6.30pm - 10.30pm Thursday - Saturday 6.30pm - 11.15pm
A La Carte:
Starters €7.00 - €10.95 Main Courses €14.50 - €29.50
Table d'Hote
Served from 5.30pm - 8.00pm Tuesday - Friday 2 courses - €21.95 3 courses - €25.95
Early Bird
Served from 5.30pm - 8.00pm Tuesday - Friday 2 courses - €21.95 3 courses - €25.95
Value Meal
Served from 5.30pm - 8.00pm Tuesday - Friday 2 courses - €21.95 3 courses - €25.95
Sunday Lunch
Closed Sunday
Children's Menu
Number of Covers:

About The Restaurant

Diep Le Shaker was one of those restaurants that hit the ground running almost ten years ago – and it has maintained the pace – it is every bit as good as it was on the first day. Diep Le Shaker is an upmarket sophisticated Thai restaurant in lovely surroundings in what would have been a former mews premises on Pembroke Lane, close to Fitzwilliam Square and all the activity around the Shelbourne and Merrion Hotels. On two levels, it is bright airy and spacious – always buzzy and busy and attracts well known names and faces. They do great cocktails not badly priced at €9.95 so you can kick off your meal with anything from a Razmopolitan to a KiwiTini! Appetizers are €7 - €10.50 including Tempura Goong which are Tiger prawns in a light coconut and breadcrum batter served with sweet chilli sauce. They also do Tod Mun Pla – Thai fish cake mixed with red curry paste, string bean, kaffir lime leaves, sweet basil and fish sauce served with chilli peanut and cucumber dip. You can have a selection platte at €10.50 which always gives one a good overview of the food. They also do Aromatic duck with pancakes, hoi sin sauce and cucumber and leek – which we all love. You can have from a quarter to a whole duck. I absolutely adore the Thai hot sour soups and they have two versions one with chicken and one with prawns. They are fab. On our last visit we kicked off with the soup and then followed up with Larb Ped which was a very aromatic salad of roast duck with lemongrass, chilli, lime, coriander, mint, fish sauce and crushed rice with iceberg lettuce. Brendan had Pla Neua Sod which was grilled Irish beef sirloin with mint, coriander, cherry tomato, Thai shallots, mixed leaves, apple aubergines roasted rice and a spicy dressing. Diep Le Shaker, as I say, is a top of the range Thai restaurant doing Royal Thai Cuisine and using no MSG. All of the food is cooked freshly to order. Main courses run from €21 to about €29.50. We had Goong Phad Prik Sod which were wok fried Tiger prawns with birds eye chilli, peppers, spring onions, sweet basil and light soy which was delicious. Birds eye chillis are hot hot but there are milder options. We also had absolutely gorgeous Pla Thod Katham and Samrod which was crispy seabass with garlic and pepper, sweet chilli and a tangy tamarind sauce. We also had a dish of Phad Thai noodles which are the staple street food dishes of Thailand and they are mixed with chicken, prawn, egg, bean sprouts, spring onions, tamarind sauce and fresh lime and peanuts. I absolutely love them. For lunch they have a Bangkok Street Lunch menu which is great value at €12.95 to include soup, appetiser and main course. In the evenings they have an evening Value Menu 2/3 course €21.95/€25.95 from 5 – 8.30 pm Tuesday – Friday for early diners who vacate the table within two hours. It is cracking value. There is an extensive wine list for all pockets and also lots of wines by the glass. See you there.

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