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La Stampa, The Dining Room at

Contact Information

La Stampa, The Dining Room at
Louis Murray
35-36 Dawson Street, Dublin 2.,

Telephone: +353 (0)1 677-4444

The Dining Room at La Stampa has had a number of celebrity chefs featuring there over the past few years, including Jean Christophe Novelli and Conrad Gallagher, plus a Managersh...

La Stampa, The Dining Room at
  • La Stampa, The Dining Room at
  • La Stampa, The Dining Room at
  • La Stampa, The Dining Room at
  • La Stampa, The Dining Room at

How to get there

Coming from St. Stephen's Green, La Stampa is on the left - half way down Dawson Street opposite the Mansion House.

Good to know

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs 17.30 - 22.00
Fri-Sat 17.30 - 23.00
Modern European
A La Carte:
Mains €19.95 - €29.95
Table d’Hote:
Set Menu €39.95
Early Bird:
Mon - Thurs 17.30 - 18.30
2/3 Course €22.95/€23.95
Sunday Lunch: Not Open
Children’s Menu: Do healthy children's portions.
Number of Covers: 180
Wheelchair Facilities: No
Credit Cards: Yes
Private Dining Facilities: Semi private up to 60 guests.
Wifi: Yes

About The Restaurant

The Dining Room at La Stampa has had a number of celebrity chefs featuring there over the past few years, including Jean Christophe Novelli and Conrad Gallagher, plus a Managership stint by well known figure on the restaurant scene in Dublin, Ronan Ryan.   The Dining Room is accepted widely as the most beautiful dining room in Dublin, if not in the Country.  It is shades of the hall of mirrors at Versailles, truly spectacular, an extravagance of high stained glass ceilings, and ornate features.   On my recent visits to La Stampa for dinner, the food has been really excellent, and what people forget with various celebrity comings and goings is that the one constant has been the excellent hands on Executive Chef, Malcolm Starmer.  Starmer is very highly respected amongst his peers, and he has a distinguished pedigree having worked for a number of years under Richard Corrigan at Lindsay House in London.


The waiting staff too are unchanging and charming, dealing with celebrity diners and the rest of us mere mortals with expertise and ability.  This is where the beautiful people come to dine, for they too love the atmosphere of Louis Murray’s La Stampa and Starmer’s good food.

On our last visit whilst I was waiting for friend Rena I ordered a Caipirinha – which was so big we shared it.   They do make great cocktails.   The food is classic Brasserie style keeping main courses generally under the €25 mark with a couple just a bit more expensive.  Starters include grilled goats cheese with Basque style peppers, black olive tapenade and shaved fennel.  Stuffed Baby Squid is with Feta cheese, chorizo and Romesco sauce, whilst a crab cocktail is with lemon and beetroot, coming with both Marie Rose Sauce and an American cocktail tomato and horseradish sauce.  I kicked off with a trio of roasted scallops on cauliflower puree, drizzled with capers, raisins, almond and wild brocolli which, whilst excellent, was outshone, if it could be,  by Rena’s choice of a stunning Foie Gras and liver caramel, with fig chutney and drizzles of Pedro Ximenez.  It  looked just like a dark version of the cream caramels you upturn from the little plastic containers, but the flavour and texture was quite exquisite – nay addictive. 
Mains included roast cornfed chicken, Globe artichoke, French beans and almonds, whilst slow roast leg of rabbit was with pancetta, potato gnocchi, radicchio and fennel.  Daube of beef is with root vegetable mash, parsley, capers and shallot salad, whilst duck leg confit is with a risotto of celery, ceps and marjoram.  Roast seabass has a carrot puree, mussels, garlic and parsley, whilst grilled cod fillet is with crab and scallop ravioli, buttered spinach and shellfish juices.  Rena’s tagine of lamb shank with apricots and sultanas, was falling off the bone with melt in the mouth treacly sweetness, sitting on couscous,  with Harissa and Tahini yoghurt on the side “the best shank ever”.   I had a cracking ribeye steak  with escargot and herb sauce, and spinach and a small Caesar salad  as side dishes. 

Rice pudding for Rena was topped with mango, melon, and kiwi, whilst I had a selection of five lovely Irish cheeses .

There is one thing about The Dining Room at La Stampa  - it will never be dull!

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