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Talavera Italian Restaurant

Contact Information

Talavera Italian Restaurant
Neil Lane, General Manager
Stillorgan Road, Blackrock, Dublin,

Telephone: +353 (0)1 2186000

The 5 Star Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel is not only a Great Place to Stay but it also houses within its gracious walls the excellent Talavera Italian Restaurant. The...

Talavera Italian Restaurant
  • Talavera Italian Restaurant
  • Talavera Italian Restaurant
  • Talavera Italian Restaurant
  • Talavera Italian Restaurant

How to get there

The Hotel is conveniently located on the N11 Stillorgan dual carriageway, the main arterial route from Dublin City Centre to the affluent southern suburbs. It also has easy access to Fosters Avenue and the M50. There is ample free car parking at hotel for 220 cars.

Good to know

Opening Hours:
Super Breakfast Buffet
06:30-10:30 (Mon-Fri)
07:30-11:30 (Fri-Sun)
17:30-21:30 (Mon-Thu)
18:00-21:30 (Fri-Sun)
Cuisine: Italian
A La Carte: Mains €14.50 - €29.95
Tasting Menu:
Regional Lombardy Menu
4-course including glass of Lombardy wine €45
Sunday Lunch: Yes in Le Panto Restaurant.
Children’s Menu: Yes
Number of Covers:
Wheelchair Facilities: Yes
Credit Cards: Yes
Private Dining Facilities: Yes
Wifi: Yes

About The Restaurant

The 5 Star Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel is not only a Great Place to Stay but it also houses within its gracious walls the excellent Talavera Italian Restaurant.

The Talavera Italian Restaurant is under the baton of Lombardy born ,Giancarlo Anselmi, and I have had many a good evening there. They serve really authentic and regional Italian food in a stylish traditional fashion.  Delicious antipasti includes Bresaola served with Pecorino cheese and rocket, as well as Insalata Radicchio Pratalioli et Gorgonzola. Trote in Carpione is fillet of rainbow trout marinated in white wine, vinegar and vegetables julienne and served with grilled polenta.  Brendan love the Burrata, which is an exceptionally creamy form of Mozzarella, served with tomatoes, basil and cracked black pepper.  I am rather partial too to their Bruschetta of grilled rustic bread with ricotta, and broad beans, dressed with mint and lemon.  They also do delicious Italian ‘Zuppas’ – try the Tuscan tomato and bread soup or the fabulous pumpkin soup with spinach dumplings.                           

Their pastas are wonderful.  You can have them Italian style as a starter or Irish style as a mains!   Paccheri Pescatore is a Sicilian pasta dish with mussels, clams and prawns, whilst Casarecce alle tre cipolle is pasta with three onions sauce.  I rather like the ravioli of Swiss chard and ricotta with browned butter and sage leaves.  Carne and fish dishes include chicken fillet with a Parmesan crust and Caponata – a favourite of mine – a mixture of aubergine, tomato, garlic, vinegar and capers.  Osso Buco Gremolata is the famous Italian dish of slow cooked veal shank, whilst fillet of beef with dolcelatte is a gorgeous rich dish featuring Gorgonzola.   Pan fried fillets of plaice are Sorrento style with fresh tomato, black olives and basil, whilst roasted cod comes with my favourite fennel and saffron sauce. All of their meat and fish dishes come served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes but they do also have great sides of traditional chunky chips with sea salt, and truffle oil and chive mashed potatoes, as well as very nice traditional Italian salads that they do so well of rocked with shaved Parmesan and Balsamic dressing.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Italian desserts – they are divine.  Ricotta cheese and blueberry tart is with vanilla ice cream, whilst the alltime favourite Cappuccino Tiramisu is a winner.  I like Bunet which is chocolate with crushed Amaretti di Saronno, as well as Monte Bianco di Castagne – a seasonal dessert of chestnuts.  They always have lovely icecreams and sorbets and wonderful Italian cheeses. 

 In addition to their a la carte menu they also have a fab four course  Regional Tasting Menu from the Lombardy Region, reflecting Anselmi’s culinary heritage.  His parents owned a small restaurant in Varenna on Lake Como and as a child whilst doing his homework he used watch his father making the Gnocchi and Ravioli each day.    Butter and cream are used more in Lombardy rather than olive oil because of the large cattle industry in the area. 

For Sunday lunch they also open their beautiful Le Panto restaurant.  Make sure to book, it is very popular.   They also serve excellent casual food and light lunches and evening snacks in the Orangerie.


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