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Corfu Greek Restaurant

Contact Information

Corfu Greek Restaurant
Adam Kritidis
12 Parliament Street, Dublin 2,

Telephone: +353 (0)1 675-0050

The sight of two olive trees and a perky canopy blowing in the wind tunnel that was Parliament Street, running up from the River Liffey to Dublin Castle, on a cold winter evening...

Corfu Greek Restaurant
  • Corfu Greek Restaurant
  • Corfu Greek Restaurant
  • Corfu Greek Restaurant
  • Corfu Greek Restaurant

How to get there

On the left hand side of Parliament Street which runs up from the Liffey to City Hall and Dublin Castle. It is a one street from the Liffey but there are parking meters beside Dublin Castle.

Good to know

Opening Hours:
12.00 noon - 23.00 hrs.
A La Carte:
Starters €4.95 - €9.95
Mains €7.95- €19.95
Table d’Hote:
Chef's Choices
Seafood Mezzedes €16.95
Meat Mezzedes €14.95
Early Bird:
Lunch & Early Bird
Monday - Friday
12.00 - 18.00 hrs
2 Courses & Glass of House Wine - €9.95
Value Menu:
3-Course €14.95
Children’s Menu: Yes
Number of Covers: 65
Wheelchair Facilities: No
Credit Cards: Yes
Private Dining Facilities: No
Wifi: No

About The Restaurant

The sight of two olive trees and a perky canopy blowing in the wind tunnel that was Parliament Street, running up from the River Liffey to Dublin Castle, on a cold winter evening proved very attractive as we dashed in search of sustenance.  It was early evening and Corfu had that easy laid back feel as the men of the house were sitting at a table chatting – the sort of thing you see in sun drenched Aegean tavernas mid afternoon.  We were greeted warmly and one of the men who, sitting us beside the window, handed us the menus, and said laughingly “don’t criticize the menu – that’s the chef sitting there.”    The room is long and narrow with white walls ‘broken’ and ‘ancient’ feature rustic brick insets, simple wooden tables, ladderback chairs, red paper napkins and a couple of blackboards, and of course Greek music to lift the spirits.  The chef, telling us he was Greek, took himself off to the kitchen, and we dived into the menu.

Proto Piato – Starters – a dozen or so- were reasonably priced between including Taramosalata the Greek stalwart pate made with smoked cod roe.  Kalamari was there as well as Tzatziki whilst Garides are jumbo prawns fried with tomato sauce and Feta, finished with Ouzo!  There were a number of starters I would have loved to have tried including Tyropita which are small Feta cheese pies in Filo pastry, and also Feta Cheese Saganaki which is Feta cooked in the oven with green peppers and chilli flakes, topped with freshly sliced tomatoes – but next time!  Anyway,  Brenzorba, my Greek, fancied Keftedes whilst I threw in my lot with Kolokithia Melitzana Me Skordalia  and Dolmadakia.   I had wanted Oktapodi – yes you’ve guessed it – marinated octopus cooked on the charcoal grill served with olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice – however the octopus had escaped – or to be more precise there was “no fresh octopus available that day.”    With our mini mezze of three starters, the Keftedes were four decent bite size meat balls – I always find men love those – in a pool of tomato sauce; Dolmadakia were four vine leaves wrapped around a rice stuffing which were pleasant too with a blob of yoghurt; whilst Kolokithia  -  aubergine and courgette slices fried in oil came with green salad, yellow peppers, and garlic sauce.  These were quite oily if you don’t like oil – I do – and I am an aubergine addict. 

Kyrios Piato included probably the other best known Greek stalwart ‘Mousakas’ – their equivalent of Italy’s Lasagne – but layers of aubergine and mince topped with Bechamel sauce. There was also Sofrito – a traditional Corfu dish – of beef cooked in a slow oven flame with white wine sauce and “a good bit of garlic and parsley” whilst Pastichio is a popular oven cooked Greek dish with baked layers of penne pasta, sauteed ground beef and Kefalotyri cheese.   They have a Grill section including Paidakia – chargrilled lamb chops, sirloin steak, or kebabs of chicken or pork.  They also have a daily fish choice as well as Seafood Spaghetti which is the chef’s speciality.  Stifado for Brenzorba was a rich ample portion of beef stew cooked in red wine sauce and served with plenty of potatoes tossed in oil and herbs and all very tasty.   Kleftiko for me was also a very ample portion of lamb steak on the bone, wrapped in tinfoil and steamed with herbs and garlic, potatoes, carrot and courgette.  A bit like Irish stew it was perfect for when you want good hearty food. A dome of rice was on the side with a good salad of cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, peppers and crispy lettuce.

Having been assured that the Baklavas  a Greek/Middle Eastern dessert of filo pastry, nuts, butter, sugar cinnamon and honey was made in-house, I went for it – and it was divine.  I want more - in fact it could become addictive.  I want to try their other desserts too on my next visit - Galaktobureko - a Greek traditional milk and cream pie - and Revani Makedoniko - one of Greece's best desserts made with flour, eggs, yogurt and butter, bathed in syrup and cooked in the oven - yum.

They also do a Sea Food Mezzedes or a Meat Mezzedes – selection plates – which are a great way to try a bit of everything – and they are good value.  They have an excellent wine list – all modestly priced – and something for every pocket. They also have a simple Lunch or Early Bird.   They list their meat and fish suppliers – both good companies.

Corfu is a little gem in an ocean of mediocrity in the area.

Kali Orexi !  (Bon Appetit).  


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