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Vanilla Pod Eatery, The

Contact Information

Vanilla Pod Eatery, The
Kate O'Sullivan, Derek Breen, Veronica Muresan
Unit 5, The Iveagh Building, The Park@Carrickmines, Carrickmines, Dublin 18,

Telephone: +353 (0)1 294-5126

Eggs Benedict is one of my favourite breakfast treats and nobody knows this better than Kate O’Sullivan, Derek Breen and Veronica Muresan! How do they know this you might w...

Vanilla Pod Eatery, The
  • Vanilla Pod Eatery, The
  • Vanilla Pod Eatery, The
  • Vanilla Pod Eatery, The
  • Vanilla Pod Eatery, The

How to get there

Driving into The Park, the Vanilla Pod is in the first building on the right - you will see the sign on a corner facing you. Drive past it to the car park.

Good to know

Opening Hours:
7 Days a week.
Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-18.00
Sunday 10.30-18.00
A La Carte:
Mains €4.90-€11.90
Sunday Lunch: Open Sunday
Children’s Menu: Yes
Number of Covers: 56
Wheelchair Facilities: Yes
Credit Cards: Yes
Wifi: Waiting on

About The Restaurant

Eggs Benedict is one of my favourite breakfast treats and nobody knows this better than Kate O’Sullivan, Derek Breen and Veronica Muresan! How do they know this you might well ask? Well Kate, Derek and Veronica were all in the Brown Thomas Café where I would drop in to spoil to myself before trawling the store. However, yipeee, yipeee, the trio have opened their own fabulous new eatery much nearer to where I live called The Vanilla Pod Eatery at The Park retail center in Carrickmines.

Kate, Derek and Veronica, are a great combination because nobody knows better how to look after customers, and what they like to eat on a day out shopping – although The Vanilla Pod has in a very short time achieved a great reputation with customers and it has become a destination in itself for people working in the area, or ladies meeting up for lunch – it is so convenient to whizz in there – plenty of parking and just off the

They have created a really cool New York style urban eatery in this building with lots of light streaming in. The menu is casual with the emphasis on really good local produce served with contemporary tweaks. It kicks off with a morning menu served until 11.30 a.m. with the aforementioned Eggs Benedict, or Free Range scrambled eggs with smoked bacon, roast vine tomatoes and field mushrooms. You can have the full irish of course with free range fried egg, smoked bacon, sausages and pudding, mushrooms tomatoes and toast. They do lovely juices, freshly squeezed orange juice, homemade lemonade or raspberry lemonade which you might fancy with a hot croissant with peanut butter or chocolate spread. They also do great French toast with crisped smoked bacon, and organic Canadian maple syrup – and buttermilk pancakes with the same combo. Try their buttermilk fruit scones or pear and almond with fresh cream and O’Connell's preserves.

Their lunch menu kicks in at noon. They do lovely antipasti boards – always a favourite with me – with chorizo, Parma ham, salami, roast vegetables, olives and breads – they also have gluten free breads available. They do really good sambos such as French ham and cheese with a honey roast dip, or honey roast ham with Emmenthal cheese and mustard seed mayo. They have a great lunchtime combo at a really good price of €8.90 with soup and a sandwich, or you could have a sandwich and fries at €7.50. Seared beef is with rocket, vine tomatoes and Parmesan whilst a really good chicken Caesar baguette is with a house dressing.
They also do crispy bacon and Hick’s sausage on their toasted crusty bread with tomato relish, or a great vegetarian Superfood Salad with baby spinach, Gold River organic leaves, roast beetroot, green beans, Feta cheese, walnuts, roast pumpkin seeds, and a Balsamic mint dressing. My better half loves the Goats Cheese and Red Onion Tart served with organic beetroot and orange dressing. He also has a weakness for the cumin flavoured meatballs in a tomato sauce with rocket and Parmesan on toasted ciabatta. I rather like their Balsamic glazed Chicken with roast vegetables, cous cous, tomato pesto and olive tapenade. Another old favourite is their Gourmet Burger with smoked bacon, Dubliner Cheese, confit tomatoes, fries and aioii. They also do smashing bangers and mash in the form of Hick’s pork and herb sausages with creamy mash, red onion marmalade and red wine gravy, as well as a sirloin steak on crusty white bread with roast vine tomatoes, shoestring fries and aioli. There are always daily and pasta specials.

You can drop in here at anytime and you will always get something good to eat. They have a lovely range of beautiful cakes, scones, tarts, perfect for Afternoon Tea. They also have a great Kids Menu too with real food for kids – free range chicken with shoestring fries, mini burger and fries, a daily pasta, creamy mash with Gold River organic vegetables and Hick’e sausages with mash. And, if they eat everything, they can have vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce or mini marshmallows. At weekends they do Brunch and it is just the perfect place to chill out with the charming trio. As well as all the ‘morning menu’ they have brunch specials such as chorizo, potato, and Parmesan frittatta with roast vine cherry tomatoes, or sirloin steak sandwich with red onion marmalade, garlic aioli, and shoestring fries.

A great spot – almost too handy for me!

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