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Crazy Crab

Contact Information

Crazy Crab
Mike Crowley
Kilmore Quay, Kilmore Quay,

Telephone: +353 (0)53 914-8848

‘Tis not very often you leave a restaurant awarding it in your own mind 2 Badges of Distinction - Best Seafood platter in Ireland and Best Value seafood in Ireland. This is...

Crazy Crab
  • Crazy Crab
  • Crazy Crab
  • Crazy Crab
  • Crazy Crab

How to get there

Head for the pier at Kilmore Quay, turn right at little roundabout and Crazy Crab is on the right facing the water.

Good to know

Opening Hours:
February - December
12.00 - 21.00 Hours
Check times in Winter
Cuisine: Seafood
A La Carte:
Mains €9.95 - €18.95
Sunday Lunch: Yes
Children’s Menu: Yes
Number of Covers:
40 Inside/25 Outside
Wheelchair Facilities: No
Steps up to entrance.
Credit Cards: Yes

About The Restaurant

‘Tis not very often you leave a restaurant awarding it in your own mind 2 Badges of Distinction - Best Seafood platter in Ireland and Best Value seafood in Ireland. This is how we felt having left the new Crazy Crab Seafood Bistro and Café at Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford. We were on our way down to Waterford Castle for a dinner recreating the 1960’s menu created by Princess d’Ardia Caracciola which was an amazing feat of skill and flair by chef Michael Quinn. Anyway, travelling the ‘scenic route’ via Wexford, we were heading down to the little ferry from Ballyhack across to Passage East, and diverted for a spot of lunch to Kilmore Quay. There is something lovely about the ruralness of this part of County Wexford, and Kilmore Quay itself is so pretty with all its thatched rooves.


The Crazy Crab is a deceptively ordinary harbourside building beside Kilmore Fish factory. It has a couple of steps going sideways up to the door and on each side a porthole but inside it is a revelation, modern contemporary and smart in an informal café way, with nice paintings hanging on exhibit.


The menu too, with its jaunty red crab beaming out, was a revelation, proclaiming “Welcome to Crazy Crab ‘A Real Taste of Kilmore Quay’”. It sure was. “Light & Tasty” offered Feta Cheese Salad; Kilmore Quay Fish cakes with green salad and fresh salsa , and then it got into the ‘serious’ stuff! “Local Prawns (Langoustines) of your choice” at €8.50 offered a classic cocktail with Marie Rose Sauce or panfried in garlic butter. Likewise “Local Crab of your choice” at €9 was crab meat cocktail or crab claws in garlic butter, whilst Kilmore Quay scallops with Clonakilty black pudding and apple sauce were €8.25


What entirely blew us away was the quantity, quality and value, at the Crazy Crab. Brendan ordered a crab meat cocktail which proved a large sundae dish overflowing with divine fresh crab meat, topped with a crab claw and Marie Rose sauce. He literally ploughed through it, and it is not often you can say that about shellfish portions! It was solid crab from top to bottom with, for once, the cos lettuce being but a whisper! I had the scallops, which were also amazing value, having three perfectly cooked succulent juicy molluscs sitting on rings of Clonakilty black pudding, with apple sauce to the side in a dish. We were kind of gobsmacked – gobsmacked with pleasure!


We had originally intended dining from the “Light & Tasty” but were so fascinated we had to see what else went on at Crazy Crab. They do a deep fried fish of the day with fries and tartare sauce at €12.50 and scallops as a main course are €17.95. If you are a staunch carnivore who has fallen in with fishophiles you can have a homemade beef burger or a chicken salad at but the star of the show is without a doubt the Crazy Crab Seafood Platter at €32.95 for 2 people or €17.50 for one Boy was this a whopper. A big white circular platter held two portions of each fishy delight. There were four big langoustines in their shells, plus 12 big firm Dublin Bay prawns shelled and coated with Marie Rose sauce and paprika placed in two mounds. Beside each mound of prawns were three fine crab claws each, a swaith of smoked salmon, two fillets of smoked mackerel, a bowl of seared scallops, and another pile of fresh crabmeat. The quality of the fish was stupendous. This is the sort of place people dream of finding abroad where they can indulge in shellfish and here it is right on our own doorstep in Kilmore Quay. Wines too are great value with house wines from €15.50.


Crazy Crab is owned by West Cork man Mike Crowley. Watch out Martin Shanahan - Mike is clearly Mad About Fish too. This place is now firmly on the map since I first wrote about it in Autumn 2010.






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