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Gilbert's Restaurant & Townhouse

Contact Information

Gilbert's Restaurant & Townhouse
David, Heather & Andrew Bird: Charlie & Ann Daly
11 Pearse Square, Cobh,

Telephone: (021) 481-1300

On a recent visit to East Cork we headed for Gilbert’s Restaurant & Townhouse in Cobh. Now, Cobh is a really beautiful little town, with its neo Gothic Pugin Cathedral,...

Gilbert's Restaurant & Townhouse
  • Gilbert's Restaurant & Townhouse
  • Gilbert's Restaurant & Townhouse
  • Gilbert's Restaurant & Townhouse
  • Gilbert's Restaurant & Townhouse

How to get there

As you drive down into the centre of Cobh, Pearse Square is on the left, and Gilbert's is in the top right hand corner - you can't miss it.

Good to know

Opening Hours:
Seasonal: Spring/Summer
7 days a week
Other 5/6 days a week
Check their website
Modern Irish
A La Carte:
Mains €14.90 - €23.90
Early Bird:
5.30pm - 7pm
2/3 Course €20/€24
Sunday Lunch: Yes
Children’s Menu: Yes
Number of Covers: 65
Wheelchair Facilities: Yes
Credit Cards: Yes
Wifi: Yes

About The Restaurant

On a recent visit to East Cork we headed for Gilbert’s Restaurant & Townhouse in Cobh. Now, Cobh is a really beautiful little town, with its neo Gothic Pugin Cathedral, and poignant nautical history. What it has lacked, until now, has been a decent restaurant. Gilbert’s is a thoroughly contemporary restaurant set in a fine three story historic building in Pearse Square, in the shadow of the Cathedral. A bucket of money has clearly been lavished on this historic building which, in the 1950’s, the days of the big liners, was home to the Greek shipping line.

There is a café bar area to the front, sporting a picture of Roy Keane, whilst two rooms to the rear feature cream wood panelled walls, and white painted stone, with subtle Franco Asian colourings and artifacts, and lovely parquet flooring throughout.
Gilbert’s opens from 10 a.m. serving coffee and cakes, through lunch, and afternoon tea, and dinner Wednesday to Saturday.

Prices are very good with the cuisine being contemporary Irish with some really nice touches. We were there for dinner and starters included goat’s cheese tortellini with peas and butter sauce, whilst black pudding with potato pancake had an apple and ginger puree to set it off. Sweetcorn soup is garnished with a handmade forest mushroom tortellini whilst gorgeous crisp beer battered prawns arrived at a neighbouring table standing up with a chilli mayo dipping sauce. Mains on our visit included roasted loin of venison served with honey roast pear, candied walnuts, celeriac puree and beetroot carpaccio, whilst panfried supreme of chicken had black pudding and rosemary stuffing, sauteed leek and Boulangere potato served with red wine jus. Roast duck breast is served but butternut squash and cumin puree, greens, Boulangere potatoes and gravy. There is also a fish of the evening.

The Early Bird, available 5.30–7 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday at €20/€24 for 2/3 courses, was perfect for the occasion, plus it offered cracking value. Brendan kicked off with carpaccio of beetroot, fine rondelles and cubes of beetroot centered on a plate topped with nut crusted crottins of goats cheese fritters. Simple but nice. Smoked salmon for me was served on a slate with dots of avocado crème fraiche and a crispy apple salsa – light and fresh.

Early Bird Mains included shoulder of lamb with Boulangere potatoes; roasted butternut squash and sage risotto; and panfried seabass. Brendan chose a chargrilled 8 oz steak, a decent chunky specimen and great value for an Early Bird menu. It came with a parsnip and carrot puree, thyme croquettes and mushroom gravy but not fries which were an extra €3.50. I had a fine big pasta bowl of linguine with prawns and mussels, chilli, garlic and fresh herbs. Puddings were well worth forking out the extra €4 for the 3-course menu, as each was prettily presented in three elements. White chocolate mousse comprised a large teardrop, chocolate on the outside with mouse in the centre, a little dish of pink sorbet, and a shot glass of jelly topped with cream, tweaked with a sugar spiral. Vanilla crème brulee with pistachio biscotti had the same two elements.

They have a great lunch menu with options for those who want a light lunch or something more substantial. Chowder comes with homemade bread whilst a Ploughman’s lunch has Irish Cheddar, Bresse Bleu and Carrigaline Cheese.
Beer battered cod and homecut chips are served with buttered peas and caper mayo, whilst salads include smoked salmon, avocado and Feta salad with honey and mustard dressed, thyme and pepper roast chicken with brie and avocado, or perhaps it might be roasted vegetables and goat’s cheese salad. Something more substantial? Try the 8 oz sirloin steak with parsnip and carrot puree croquettes and mushroom gravy, or the Fish Pie, or the linguini I had. They also do a great homemade beef burger with cheddar cheese, bacon and caramelised onion – with homecut chips or salad of course.

They also have four beautiful bedrooms upstairs, and a lovely suite, so luxuriate and stay the night - stay the weekend!!

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