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Restaurant Review - Lottie's

Restaurant Review - Lottie's

Wednesday 12 April 2023

Rising prices across the board have been a big problem for all of us, with dire warnings for the past few months about the cost-of-living increases by way of energy bills, not to mention food prices shooting up. It’s been straight back to the Irish Mammy mantras, the butt of every Irish comedian’s jokes — ‘Turn off that immersion!’ ‘Switch off those damn lights!’ ‘No, you can’t ring your friend in Florida!’

Almost every business in the country is being hurt by these increases, including those within our beloved restaurant industry, many of whom have already had to close their doors. Thursday is the new Friday, they’re saying, with most of the business being had from Thursday to Saturday — and maybe Sunday if they’re involved in the brunch scene.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent