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Hidden Stars - 20 Michelin Worthy Restaurants

Hidden Stars - 20 Michelin Worthy Restaurants

Tuesday 01 November 2022

At this time of year, the burning issue on the minds of chefs everywhere is Michelin. They get a sort of reticent, glazed look in their eyes as the clock ticks down towards the big moment when the latest ‘stars’ are announced. Michelin madness, I call it — a bit white around the gills and a little less cocky than usual. Will they get a star, retain a star, get a second star, or even lose a star, when the Michelin Guide 2023 is launched? You just never know with Michelin, which has been rather erratic with some of its decisions in the past.

Another curious symptom of Michelin madness, I find, is that when the blessed chosen do get that long coveted star, they’re suddenly like ‘born again followers’, afraid forever more to utter a word that might put them in Michelin’s bad books.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent