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Restaurant Review - Balfes

Restaurant Review - Balfes

Wednesday 09 February 2022

“That fella was parked outside my house in his big Mercedes,” said a well-dressed lady of a certain age to her pal, in a slightly peeved fashion, oblivious to the fact she could be heard by all and sundry on the enclosed terrace area of Balfes at the five-star Westbury Hotel. Did this Hyacinth Bucket have a sister Violet with a swimming pool and room for a pony, I mused?

It felt like a regular meeting spot for a catch-up, and was somehow so delightfully Dublin, reminding me of when, as I child, my mother would drag me along to meet one of her friends for coffee and a pastry in Bewley’s — the attraction for me being the loo, which boasted foot-operated hand dryers that rose from the floor like monsters from Dr Who.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent