Chakra by Jaipur





I don’t very often get time to luxuriate in Spas however, the last time I did, a beautiful sylph like handmaiden placed a crystal on my “chakra”, located somewhere around my expansive midriff, while I tried to look serious! Chakra is a Sanskrit word - all to do with the seven energies in your body and their well being – just lie back and enjoy it! All this leads me to the Chakra Indian Restaurant at the Meridian Point Centre in Greystones. I am very fond of Indian food, so is my better half Brendan, although he says it always “gets its own back on him”! Don’t ask! Chakra is part of the Jaipur group of restaurants, which do really fab food in George’s Street, Dalkey, Malahide, and Ananda in Dundrum and, believe me, there is a vast difference to what you might be getting in your average Curry House around the country. With a very strong team of chefs, the food here is top notch. Big, stylish and modern, the restaurant runs along the top floor to the front of the Meridian Point, with a stunning floral botanical black ceiling and spacious tables. There is also a private room beside the kitchen if you want to have that special evening with tastings of little dishes, and personal attendance by the Head Chef. A dozen starters €11.50/€15 includes Jal Tarang spiced scallops pan seared in brown butter with broccolli, roasted fennel and baby cauliflower fritters. Duck Tikka, Tandoori Jhinga, a Nepalese lamb tasting plate, and a kebab platter.   Main courses €20.00 - €32 offer a tremendous range of aromatic artistic food which will really have you salivating. Rogani lamb chops from the clay oven are with Himalayan chickpea Mandra, cleriac kohlrab, fresh greens and Rogan Josh jus. Neelgeri praws are wild Indian Ocean prawns with Kerala curry leaf extract, fresh coriander, watermint and coconut korma with warm potato papad. There's goat leg with black cardamom and nutmet rub; slow cooked lamb shank with bay leaves, caramelised onions, and smoked clove in a fiery chilli and cashew sauce. Fishophiles will love the Goat seafood curry or the Malai monkfish, while the timeless classics such as Awadhi Purdah Biriyani are there and an excellent selection of vegetarian dishes and Thali platters.  The eclectic wine list is very comprehensive with prices to suit all tastes and pockets and also has a very good selection of wines by the glass. Desserts are a work of arts and crafts! Enjoy.