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Jaipur Restaurant (Ongar Village)

Contact Information

Jaipur Restaurant (Ongar Village)
Proprietor Asheesh Dewan and Manager Mono Matthew
35 Main Street, Ongar Village Clonee, Dublin 15, Co.Dublin, Ongar Village, Clonee, Dublin 15,

Telephone: 01 6402611

“There’s something about Ongar”…. I said to my better half …making a bad pun on his favourite Cameron Diaz movie “There’s Something ab...

Jaipur Restaurant (Ongar Village)
  • Jaipur Restaurant (Ongar Village)
  • Jaipur Restaurant (Ongar Village)
  • Jaipur Restaurant (Ongar Village)

Good to know

Opening hours:
7 days 5.00pm - 11.00pm
A La Carte:
€20.00 Vegetarian from €11.50
Table d'Hote
Early Bird
€22.00 - 3 courses 5.00pm - 7.00pm
Value Meal
Sunday Lunch
Children's Menu
Number of Covers:

About The Restaurant

“There’s something about Ongar”…. I said to my better half …making a bad pun on his favourite Cameron Diaz movie “There’s Something about Mary”….”or at least there must be if Jaipur have opened a branch at Ongar”. Jaipur is a very successful chain of Indian restaurants, owned by Asheesh Dewan, who have not been known to put a foot wrong in their locations. I hesitate to use the word “chain” because each of the restaurants from the original in George’s Street, Malahide, Dalkey, Greystones, to the stunning Ananda in Dundrum and Chakra in Greystones are very individualistic….which is really down to the excellent chefs and managers on the ground. Anyway, to Ongar, residents of which please forgive me, but it might as well have been in Outer Space….and so it was to Cyber Space that I turned by way of Google Earth to track it down!!! Heading for my favourite M50 I turned off on the N3 headed towards Navan watching out for a sign. Forget it – in no time at all we were wheeling into Dunboyne! Back on the old roads to Clonee before finding the whole new world of duplexes, houses, and apartments that is Ongar not far from Blanchardstown. Jaipur is located in a brand new shop unit with a little parking area outside. The décor is very modern, clean lined, with fashionable patterned wallpaper. We were seated in the window. Hardly had Brendan commented on the hinterland of wealthy County Meath farmers who will love the Jaipur food, then up wheeled a muddy 4 x 4. You know a “real” one that is put to good use not just for dropping the kids to school in Foxrock! As with all Jaipur restaurants the food is interesting and innovative. Barbary duck breast with cloves and cinnamon is drizzled with fig and passion fruit chutney; Kurkuri Sea Bass is pan seared, crusted with semolina, coconut and chilli, and served with cucumber and yoghurt relish. Tandoori Jhinga is there – real jumbo prawns marinated with Indian spices and herbs, served with red onion, tomato and avocado dip – as is Jaipur Jugalbandi – which I have often had – a selection of tandoori prawn, chicken, lamb and fish. On my visit I went for a vegetarian option – Hara Bhara Kebab – a pan seared spiced spinach paty with cream cheese and green chilli served with sweet and sour chutney. Brendan had Sheekh Kebab– smoked tandoori hand pounded Wicklow lamb mince glazed with close and cardamom served with a delicious spiced yoghurt and smoked aubergine crush. When it comes to mains many of the Jaipur stalwarts are there – Goan Seafood Curry – Jumbo Crab claw curry cooked in chilli paste and tamarind finished with coconut cream. Imli Wala Kekda is jumbo crab claws cooked in chilli paste and tamarind finished with coconut cream whilst Murgh Saag is chicken fillets braised with fresh fenugreek and spinach finished with cream and fennel powder. Another interesting dish is Alleppey Fish Curry which is Tilapia fillet marinated with turmeric and rock salt cooked with raw mango, ginger and finished with coconut milk. I opted for Masahari Thaali - a selection of dishes – lamb – chicken – and seafood served in little silver bowls. It comes with rice and naan bread and was delicious too. Brendan had Murgh Chettinad– one of his favourites - chicken cooked with black pepper, cinnamon and clove, stewed in a tamarind and coconut sauce. We also had a side order of Aam Wali Bhindi - delicious okra with cumin and mango. To finish off we shared a lovely Mango Kulfi a type of Indian icecream – I love its sort of grainy texture. A brand new young team in Jaipur Ongar were anxious to ensure everyone enjoyed themselves and we did. Wines are €19 to €60 with 90% under €30

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