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Sage Restaurant

Contact Information

Sage Restaurant
Kevin Aherne
8 Main Street, Midleton, Midleton,

Telephone: 021 463-9682

Value is what the punter wants across the board nowadays and, happily, we certainly got our money’s worth at Sage Restaurant in the busy market town of Midleton in East Cor...

Sage Restaurant
  • Sage Restaurant
  • Sage Restaurant
  • Sage Restaurant
  • Sage Restaurant

How to get there

At the Cork City end of Main Street Midleton. Through an Archway. Sage is on the right.

Good to know

Opening Hours
Closed Monday.
Tues-Wed 9am - 4 pm
Thursday 9am - 8.30pm
Fri- Sat 9am - 9pm
Sunday 11am - 3pm
Modern Irish
ALC Mains €14.50 - €24.95
Early Bird €20/€25 2/3 Courses.
Brunch Saturday/Sunday
Lunch Daily - Posh Sambos, Salads, and Tasty Mains.
Excellent options for vegetarians.
Children's Menu
Covers 50
Private Dining & Chef's Table by arrangement.
Wheelchair Facilities

About The Restaurant

Value is what the punter wants across the board nowadays and, happily, we certainly got our money’s worth at Sage Restaurant in the busy market town of Midleton in East Cork. It was nice too to be told, having already committed to a reservation on the phone, “we will be running our Early Bird Menu all of Thursday evening – no a la carte.” It is good idea, which seemed to be going down well with the locals.

Sage Restaurant is tucked away in The Courtyard, through an archway off the Main Street, in a renovated stone building, which also houses an arts centre and eponymous gallery. We were travelling by taxi who knew where to go but, for those less familiar with Midleton, it is at the Cork City end of the town! Sage is under the baton of Chef Kevin Aherne and, seated on a banquette just in front of the open kitchen, we could see that there was a lot of dedication going into the presentation of each dish. The menu could best be described as ‘Modern Irish’ which nowadays covers Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim and the Americas! We were three and all thought the menu offered tremenduous value with 2 courses at €20, 3 courses at €25, with a €5 supplement applying to a 10 oz sirloin. Needless to say, we spent what we were saving on an extra bottle of wine!I kicked off with “flash fried calamari”, a tower of crisp finely cut rings, on cos lettuce with a spicy Caesar dressing. This was the only glitch for they reached the table looking starched and prestine but were cold and rubbery. I could have flung them across the room and had them bounce back like boomerangs! Kevin Aherne emailed me very humourously after my review and said, in fairness, they were “frisbees” – promising it would never happen again. I returned them and was given a fresh pile of softer “rubber bands” . Carmen had a lovely taco basket filled with tomatoes, pinto beans, coriander and mozzarella, with crème fraiche and chilli jam whilst Brendan also enjoyed his goats cheese bruschetta served with a toasted hazelnuts and beetroot relish. We washed down our starters with a lovely bottle of New Zealand Maven Sauvignon Blanch, Marlborough 2007 (€26).The menu included a homemade beef burger with horseradish mayo, Swiss cheese, and home cut fries, a cracking looking jalapeno and mango sweet chilli chicken pizza, and haddock with pea mash, crisphy bacon lardons and mustard crème fraiche. I had a blackbord special of delicious hake atop a hefty cushion of spinach mash, served with lovely honey roasted carrots and parsnips. Brendan had a superbly cooked tender sirloin (€5 supplement) resting against a graduated tower of lovely deep fried onions, baked Portobello mushrooms, and home cut fries. Top class – we all dived into the onions! Carmen had a very generous pan fried breast of chicken with bacon and scallion mash, roast root vegetables, and a mustard sauce which she also thoroughly enjoyed. We also had a side order of delicious fries with chilli and Parmesan (€3.50) which were addictive! With our main courses we had a cracking bottle of Bodegas Ontanon Rioja Crianza 2006 (€27). Carmen and I finished off with a black cherry ice-cream and a slice of flourless almond and orange cake both of which were lovely. They are very good here with flavours and spicing – and also vegetarian dishes – the food is really tasty and I like what Kevin Aherne produces.

The a la carte dinner menu has starters well under €10 and also includes a Seafood Platter for two at €18.50 including house cured salmon, prawns in garlic butter with a hint of chill, calamari, corn and fennel chowder, warm bread and organic leaves. Mains run from €14.50 for cassoulet of lentils, butternut squash, spinach, chargrilled asparagus and crumbled Feta cheese to €24.95 for the 10 oz sirloin steak. Sunday is also a popular time at Sage. Brunch from 11am to 3 pm includes the Sage Sunday Grill with all the popular brekkie ingredients but also has Huevos Rancheros – a brace of eggs scrambled in a flour tortilla with crème fraiche, chilli jam, guacamole, mozzarella and jalapenos served with chilli and Parmesan fries. Love that - my sort of brunch. You can also have traditional Sunday lunch dishes with mains around the €14 mark to include roast pork fillet with horseradish and Parmesan crust, apple sauce, honey roasted root veggies and buttered mash. Roasted chicken supreme comes with honey backed ham, sage stuffing, roast root veggies and white wine cream sauce.

Sage is a contemporary restaurant offering value, good food, and fun, at any time of the day or night.

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