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Harlequin Hotel

Contact Information

Harlequin Hotel
Lynda Foley, General Manager
Lannagh Road, Castlebar,

Telephone: +353 (0)94 928-6200

I am on the road an awful lot in the course of my work not only visiting hotels and restaurants around the country, but interviewing various people in start up businesses or with...

Harlequin Hotel
  • Harlequin Hotel
  • Harlequin Hotel
  • Harlequin Hotel
  • Harlequin Hotel

About The Restaurant

I am on the road an awful lot in the course of my work not only visiting hotels and restaurants around the country, but interviewing various people in start up businesses or with innovative ideas, but at the end of my day what I do need to relax and get a good nights sleep, wherever I am, is a good comfortable room, with all modern facilities, and with friendly staff to look after any needs. On one of my many trips to the Northwest I came across The Harlequin Hotel and it more than filled the bill. I guest you could say that one of the things the Celtic Tiger did for us was that it greatly improved the standard of accommodation and food around the country.


The Harlequin Hotel is a modern boutique hotel in Castlebar which is furnished in boutique style with chandeliers, plush buttonbacked feature chairs and sofas, lovely Venetian mirrors, beautiful throws, funky details, all of which are uplifting and bright. It is located right next door to the Royal Theatre & Event Centre which makes it not only the perfect destination if you are going to a Show at the Royal but it means you also have entertainment right on your doorstep or, if you are not staying in the hotel, drop off and have something to eat before the show.



The hotel has an excellent restaurant serving the best of local and seasonal produce under the baton of Head Chef, Alan Lane, who joined them recently and who is serving food in the contemporary style.


Starters might include Bluebell Falls Goat Cheese and Roast Pepper lasagne, whilst Kelly’s of Newport supply their wonderful black pudding which is served on a chorizo and spring onion risotto. Seared scallops are with a Sakura cress salad and sauce vierge, whilst a smoked salmon and crab parcel comes with citrus pickled cucumber, pine nuts and salsa rossa.


When it comes to mains, pan seared Angus sirloin steak is served with Knockanore smoked cheddar mash and red onion relis, whilst baked fillet of hake sits on spinach and pea risotto with Tempura vegetables. The lamb is always a feature in the West of Ireland and not to be missed so perhaps try the marinated rump of lamb which is served with glazed roast vegetables and a thyme jus. Baked fillet of pork is served with apricot stuffing on creamed Savoy cabbage – I like the way this chef pairs his foods – with little sweet sour tweaks that make all the difference. They have scrumptious desserts so do leave room and their wine list is reasonably priced with nothing to frighten the horses


By the way they also do a lovely Afternoon Tea……



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