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Pielow's Restaurant

Contact Information

Pielow's Restaurant
Teresa & Colin Pielow
4 Village Centre, Cabinteely, Dublin 18,

Telephone: +353 (0)1 2840914

Pielow's is a discreetly located smallish restaurant in a first floor premises in Cabinteely village where, even though it hadn’t advertised its presence, it appeared w...

Pielow's Restaurant
  • Pielow's Restaurant
  • Pielow's Restaurant
  • Pielow's Restaurant
  • Pielow's Restaurant

How to get there

Facing south, with your back to the crossroad trafficlights, Pielows is 100 yards up the street on the same side as the Horse & Hound Pub. It is on the first floor.

Good to know

Opening Hours:
Tues - Sat
Dinner from 6 pm
Traditional Classic
A La Carte:
Mains €17.70-€24.50
Early Bird:
Available 6pm - 6.45pm
2/3 Course €17.20/€21.15
Value Menu: Yes
Sunday Lunch: No
Children Welcome: Yes
Children’s Menu: No
Number of Covers: 40
Wheelchair Facilities: No
Credit Cards: Yes
Private Dining
Facilities: No
Wifi: No

About The Restaurant

Pielow's is a discreetly located smallish restaurant in a first floor premises in Cabinteely village where, even though it hadn’t advertised its presence, it appeared word had already spread for devotees of Colin and Teresa Pielow’s classic cuisine were filling the tables. Best perhaps to start at the beginning of the Pielow story. Twenty years ago the Pielows had a very popular restaurant, Curtlestown House, in what we might call the outback of Enniskerry – out the road - and a wine shop in Enniskerry. They then upped sticks and headed for the outbacks of Cobh – or Rushbrooke to be precise with the very nice restaurant and guesthouse. Having stayed there for six years, they took off in search of further adventure, this time to South Africa, with a little restaurant and a small vineyard in the Tulbagh Valley of the Cape winelands. Whilst they loved South Africa, and still have the vineyard, their restaurant lease was up so they came back to visit Enniskerry, where they still have a home, and then spotted the vacant premises in Cabinteely where Colin’s uncle also has a gardening shop - and so we have the new Pielow’s Restaurant.

The Pielows have a knack of adding a comfortable welcoming ambiance to any of their enterprises and this first floor room is no different. There is a certain feel of almost being in someone’s home – food and wine books, decanters, and other vinous artifacts, on shelves – walls lined with paintings - and Colin and Teresa drifting in and out – it’s all very relaxed.

The menu is very well priced. Starters might include Three-cheese and fresh herb tart, or a Summer Salad with Mozzarella, peach, mint and Black Forest Ham. They always have a lovely soup of the day and fresh scallops and Dublin Bay Prawns when available.On my visit I had very good Tiger prawns deliciously sautéed in garlic butter with Thai spices, lots of lovely lemongrass, surrounding a central fluff of greenery, and that is a popular stalwart on the menu. Friend Rena had an excellent layered tian of avocado and tandoori chicken topped off with an ‘icing’ of dill and lemon mayonnaise.

Mains might include grilled salmon fillet with cucumber, ginger and fish veloute, as well as a Schnitzel of pork fillet with Parmesan cheese crust and a tomato and basil fondue. Roast rack of lamb will have homemade mint sauce, whilst roast breast of duck will be with a honey and thyme sauce. sauteed quail is with button mushrooms, smoked bacon and garlic with a red wine jus, whilst roast saddle of French rabbit is with prunes and Armagnac sauce. Oh, and they always have delicious chargrilled fillet steaks - very well priced too. We both went for specials of the day. Rena had delicious panfried seabass with a dash of black olive tapenade and surrounded by a drizzle of basil pesto, whilst I had perfectly cooked wild mallard served with red cabbage. A lovely big homely dish of green beans and Dauphinoise potatoes – the sort no one can resist – accompanied the main courses.

Reasonably priced pud include Raspberry Pavlova, over which a group of Foxrock ladies were oohing and aahing, and spiced apple Samosas with vanilla icecream - oh yes and yummy profiteroles with a rich dark chocolate sauce. Rena had Rumtoph a whacking great sundae dish of marinated berries in Jamaica rum, whilst I had a cheese plate which had five Irish, and French cheeses including Camembert, Brie, Milleens, Gubbeen and Dubliner, and mixed olives – excellent.

We also had a bottle of their own Pielow’s Shiraz 2008 from the Tulbagh Valley so do try that.

“I’m going to work my way through this menu” came a voice from a neighbouring table of Enniskerry folk. I know what he meant, Pielow's is the perfect neighbourhood restaurant - Colin and Teresa's food is scrumptious and you really feel at home - its the sort of place you want to go back to every week!

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