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Hargadon's - Bar Food Wine

Contact Information

Hargadon's - Bar Food Wine
Owners Ray & Eileen Monahan/Chef Director Joe Grogan
4/5 O'Connell Street, Sligo,

Telephone: +353 (0)71 915 3709

Gastropubs have been proving hugely popular in the last year or two particularly in Dublin and many of the people opening them have been taking a look at those in London. However...

Hargadon's - Bar Food Wine
  • Hargadon's - Bar Food Wine
  • Hargadon's - Bar Food Wine
  • Hargadon's - Bar Food Wine
  • Hargadon's - Bar Food Wine

How to get there

Follow the one way system in Sligo for O'Connell Street.

Good to know

Opening Hours:
Pub Hours
Food Served:
Monday - Saturday
Dinner & Wine Bar Menu
Pub Grub/Modern European/Tapas
Lunch: 3 Course Deal €8.50
Daily Specials €10.95
ALC €€7.95 - €12.95
Evening 'Tapas' Menu:
Dishes €7.50 - €9.95
Sunday Lunch:
Credit Cards:

About The Restaurant

Gastropubs have been proving hugely popular in the last year or two particularly in Dublin and many of the people opening them have been taking a look at those in London. However, they need not have left our shores at all for we have the very best example of not only a good, but a great ‘Gastropub’ in Sligo. I speak of the fabulous Hargadons right in the middle of the town. Hargadons is the sort of place that people realise is a total gem – the sort of place that if you were in Barcelona and discovered it – you would be telling all your friends if visiting to head for it.

The building itself was built in 1864 by one Bernard Collery, a local merchant, who was also a member of Parliament representing Sligo! As was the case in those days it was a general grocery store as well as retailing beer, wines and spirits in the cellars, and a bonded warehouse to the rear of the building. The property was acquired in 1909 by Patrick and Thomas Hargadon, which name is still retained today by the present owners Ray & Eileen Monahan who have taken it forward to a new level. They have their own vineyard and winery called Terramonti in the South of France and, along with having a great wine shop in Sligo, have also opened a brilliant wine shop in Cabinteely, Co. Dublin. House wines come from Terramonti as does their Extra Virgin Olive Oil – what a treat.

There is a brilliant olde world Irish atmosphere with brilliant new world food – and even tapas in the evenings. Chef Joe Grogan, who is a really nice guy, is responsible for the delicious food at Hargadons and you can eat as lightly or as fully as you wish and prices are very reasonable. Their breads are freshly made each day and they are firm believers in local produce where possible. Salads come from their own tunnels in Sligo and Leitrim grown using organic methods.

The extensive excellent Tapas Menu in the evening has something for everyone. Start off maybe with a half dozen oysters with hot chorizo and Tabasco sauce, follow up maybe with crispy confit of duck leg on a bed of garlic potatoes served with a blueberry and red wine sauce. They also do a very good fish paellla using salmon, cod, prawns and mussels, in a saffron flavoured rice, as well as a really neat crab and spinach tart which they garnish with rocket and red onion marmalade. The old stalwart chicken wings are there – everyone loves them – done Cajun style with lemon and cucumber mayo. Tiger prawns are in chilli and garlic oil with fab homemade brown bread for dunking. They also do a cracking homemade Irish beefburger served in a toasted bun with onions and relish, and for pasta fiends they do a delicious linguini dish with spinach and roasted tomato tossed in a creamy garlic sauce and garnished with garlic and cheese croutons.

At lunchtime they do a really great Menu of the day Special with three courses around €8.50 to include a cup of soup, and maybe Cajun chicken and bacon salad, or salmon pate with toasted sourdough bread, and you even get a dessert at that price of maybe chocolate mousse with fresh cream. They also have other daily lunch specials as well as their a la carte selection which includes baked crab in avocado with homemade tomato chutney and a tossed salad, as well as smoked salmon with tomato and basil cream cheese on a toated bagel with Marie Rose dip and tossed salad. They also do a great seafood chowder as well as a vegetarian quiche made with free range eggs. They also do a cracking steak sandwich in a baguette with tomato relish, delicious onion rings, homemade chips, tossed salad and a wholegrain mustard mayo.

Beat a path to Hargadons – you will love it.


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