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gigi's at the G

Contact Information

gigi's at the G
Triona Gannon- General Manager
Wellpark, Dublin Road, Galway,

Telephone: +353 (0)91 865200

Le Tout Irelande never mind Le Tout Galway was all agog when it emerged that Philip Treacy, probably the world’s most famous milinery designer, was involved in the Interior...

gigi's at the G
  • gigi's at the G
  • gigi's at the G
  • gigi's at the G
  • gigi's at the G

Good to know

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thurs 18.30 - 21.30
Fri - Sat 18.00 - 22.00
Sunday Lunch 13.00 - 15.00
Contemporary Irish & European
A La Carte:
Mains €19 - €32
Early Bird:
Dining at Dusk Menu
Sun - Thurs 6.30pm-7.30pm
2/3 Course €29.50 - €36
inc one beverage
Children’s Menu: Yes
Number of Covers: 80
Private Dining Room: Yes
Wheelchair Facilities: Yes
Credit Cards: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Lounge Food Also Available All Day.

About The Restaurant

Le Tout Irelande never mind Le Tout Galway was all agog when it emerged that Philip Treacy, probably the world’s most famous milinery designer, was involved in the Interior Design at the new G Hotel in Galway as Design Director. What he created was an extravaganza of contemporary design and colour, luxury and glamour, yet combined with extreme comfort and functionality that is required of any hotel never mind a 5 Star Hotel like the G.

The ground floor is a series of beautiful almost stately rooms running alongside a long raspberry carpeted corridor perfect for meeting friends for afternoon tea or a glass or ten or Prosecco. To me it is an almost humorous contemporary take on the salons of Buckingham Palace or the Grand Houses and Chateaux of France – you know those pictures where you see the Queen gliding along a long red carpet – leading through from one room to another. The first room is the Grand Salon in cool classic creams, golds and ivories, with wall mirrors that are just like The Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding hat – which of course was designed by Philip Treacy. The next salon is the Ladies Lounge, a riot of hot pink with its Andy Warhol camouflage pink fabric covered chairs and swirling black and white flooring which creates a sense of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Here you can have lounge food from their all day menu of excellent casual food and the fantastic ‘Pink Afternoon Tea’ – with or without pink Champagne. They also have a fantastic Canape Menu which I love – tasty morsels – and a huge range of them. Lastly is the Gentlemen’s Lounge with its deep opulent blues and purples leading into the fabulous bar.

Lounge food starts in the morning with Morning Choices served until noon. You can have things like a selection of warm croissants and breakfast pastries, or scones with clotted cream, or have a Healthy Mid Morning Snack of Blueberry Smoothie served with a salad of fresh and dried fruits and a croissant with preserves – that’s not just healthy its nice. At lunchtime they have a weekday special of cream soup of the day with a traditional closed sandwich and tea or coffee for under a tenner. From their All Day Menu you can have things like an Antipasti Plate with local meats and fish, Irish farmhouse cheese, dressed and served with fresh breads. They also do an excellent Connemara smoked salmon platter with deepfried crabmeat and apple cake. Hot dishes include the classic posh fish ‘n chips, crispy fillet of seabass, a chargrilled 8 oz Irish Angus sirloin steak with fresh horseradish and fried new potatoes. Girls all love past and so there is a delicious goats cheese tagliatelli dish with fresh tarragon and green asparagus. Platters to share for a minimum of two people are a great idea – perfect accompaniment to cocktails – and they do an antipasti platter with airdried lamb and beef, Connemara smoked ham, smoked organic salmon, honey roast salmon and Gubeen and Mossfield cheeses. They also do a hearty one of finger food favourites with mini Irish beef burger, chicken winsgs, mini deep fish ‘n chips, crab cakes and served with chunky chips. You can too just have a scrumptious yummy dessert such as chilled rhubarb crème brulee with vanilla shortbread, lemon tart with raspberry sorbet, or of course totally sinful double chocolate fudge cake! They have a superb tea selection Morgentau green tea, Jungpana second flush black tea, Molkabarie black tea………

gigi's at the G is their main restaurant and it is fantastic and superb all in one breath – the décor being fantastic and wild, and the food superb. Think of starters such as Savoury Crème Brulees of Paul Keane’s Goat’s Cheese with a tapenade of olives and tomatoes, or Ravioli of Local Lobsters. Marinated Irish Duck Confit salad has a Parmesan tuille and caramelised honey and hazelnut dressing. Seared local lamb fillet comes with Boxty potato with a red wine and onion marmalade, white carpaccio of cured and smoked Connemara salmon is with fresh like jam and cream cheese croutons. Mains are equally tantalising and include roast rack of local Spring lamb with goat’s cheese and a gateaux of vegetable. Roast monk tail with lobster comes with a warm potato salad and a bisque sauce, whilst confit of organic salmon has lemon mayo and a smoked salmon tartar. A layered potato lasagna of Irish rose veal has a wild mushroom cream whilst and Irish beef fillet has a green peppercorn stuffing and potatoes of caramelised white onions. This is top notch stuff and you won’t be disappointed.

The G is the perfect place for a really cool weekend away – just the right distance from the centre of Galway and always has a buzz and a sense of occasion and being.

Look out for Special Breaks – as they say – they have extraordinary rates for extraordinary times. They also have an excellent Dining at Dusk menu Sunday to Thursday served naturally at dusk 6.30pm - 7.30pm and it includes one 'beverage'.

You can read more about the G Hotel on the Hotel Accommodation side of my website.

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