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Cornstore Limerick

Contact Information

Cornstore Limerick
19 Thomas Street, Limerick,

Telephone: +353 (0)61 609000

During the Celtic Tiger years we became a Dine Out Nation, which is something our continental cousins have enjoyed for decades, and there is nothing wrong with that but to be a D...

Cornstore Limerick
  • Cornstore Limerick
  • Cornstore Limerick
  • Cornstore Limerick
  • Cornstore Limerick

Good to know

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun
Dinner 5.00pm - 10.30pm
Sat/Sun 12.30 - 3.00pm
Seafood & Steaks
A La Carte:
Mains €15 - €25
Table d'hote
3 Course €34.95
Early Bird:
Mon-Fri Up to 6.30pm
2 Course €19.95
Value Menu:
Sun-Thurs all night
Fri-Sat Up to 6.30pm
3 Course €24.95
Sunday Lunch:
Yes - €24.95
Children’s Menu:
3 Course Meal Deal €8.95
Number of Covers:
Wheelchair Facilities:
Credit Cards:

About The Restaurant

During the Celtic Tiger years we became a Dine Out Nation, which is something our continental cousins have enjoyed for decades, and there is nothing wrong with that but to be a Dine Out Nation we need good places, doing well produced food at good prices. This is an area that has been catered for very well by Padraic Frawley with his trio of Restaurants, two in his native Limerick, Aubars and the Cornstore, and the Cornstore in Cork.

Having made such a brilliant success of his Cornstore Restaurant in Cork, Padraic Frawley brought the concept to Limerick. Located in a historic building in Thomas Street, he has created yet another dining location with buzz and atmosphere providing excellent food and ambiance for all ages. Maura Baxter, a Cavan girl, is the Head Chef in Limerick. She has been with The Frawley Group for a number of years and also knows what good food is all about and the menu revolves around seasonal and local produce.

Seafood and Steaks are their speciality but in fact they offer much much more. Starters include cracking Prawn Pil Pil in extra virgin olive oil with roast garlic and fresh chillis, whilst a smoked salmon plate comes with a caper and red onion salad, and a Dijon dressing. Wild mushroom risotto is enhanced with truffle oil and grated Parmesan, whilst warm goat’s chese crostini is delicious with fig jam, roast red peppers and a Balsamic reduction. It is so important to have what I call “all the bits” with each dish. I like the fact too that you can get a simple bowl of marinated olives. There is something for everyone at the Cornstore be it a simple duck liver pate or a Caesar Salad.

When it comes to seafood the ocean is your oyster! They do a great value half Lobster Mornay served with a suitable seasonal leaf salad and proper chips. King Prawns are served Thai style in a rich aromatic sauce, whilst oven roast cod is French style with a white bean, fennel and crisp bacon cassoulet. You can of course have the old favourite Fish ‘n Chips but in a crisp Tempura batter served with Tartare sauce, or pan seared salmon with a creamy mash, market greens and citrus beurre blanc. Daily fish specials are available too.

From the Grill you have the choice of 10 oz rib-eye, sirloin, or fillet steaks, with your choice of sauteed mushrooms and onions, hand cut chips, and Bearnaise sauce or with potato gratin, green beans, roast shallots and a green peppercorn sauce. Add Tiger Prawns, or indeed a half a lobster, and create your own Surf ‘ n Turf. They also do a Chateaubriand for two which is a real treat. Other Mains include Thai Green Chicken Curry with fragrant coconut rice, a real homemade burger flamed on the grill and served with bacon, melted cheese, homemade relish and chips. They do a really succulent 12 hour slow roasted free range pork belly with creamy mash and roast root vegetables, apple puree and a cider jus, as well as Magret de Canard, oven roast duck breast, with braised red cabbage, swede mash and a cassis jus.

The vegetarian diner is also well catered for in the Cornstore restaurants with Thai Green Vegetable Curry, a Wild Mushroom Risotto with shaved Parmesan and rocket salad, Potato Gnocchi with Buffalo Mozzarella, vine roast tomatoes, garlic confit and basil cream sauce, or homemade ravioli of roast butternut squash, spinach, goats cheese, toasted pine nuts and tomato pesto. There are lots of nice French touches to the Cornstore food and you can also get one of my favourites – Lyonnaise potatoes – Padraic likes his food.

The Cornstores too are great for kids as they do proper kids food with a wide choice including organic pork sausages with mash and gravy, classic penne Carbonara, oven roast salmon with mash and broccoli, a 5 oz steak, chicken wings, and a burger with cheese, bacon and proper chips. They also provide complimentary bowls of food for Under 2’s – that is really something! They also have kiddies table mats with colouring sections and puzzles.

Cornstores are perfect for all ages – and they are making a real name for themselves in the dining arena.- as is Padraic Frawley.

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