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  • Restaurant Review - The Coburg

    Restaurant Review - The Coburg

    28 June 2016

    When it comes to pushing the boundaries of contemporary cuisine, there's a fine line between fusion and confusion, says Lucinda O'Sullivan. Unfortunately, The Coburg at the Conrad Dublin has crossed that line.

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  • Cork's Casual Revolution

    Cork's Casual Revolution

    21 June 2016

    Cork hasn’t always been a trendsetter when it comes to Irish dining, says Lucinda O’Sullivan. But, lately, they’ve been riding a wave of hip, casual, unpretentious street food that’s as tasty as it is cheap

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  • Restaurant Review - Cirillo's

    Restaurant Review - Cirillo's

    14 June 2016

    With a pedigree in Italian food, great things were expected from James Cirillo’s eponymous new Dublin restaurant, says Lucinda O’Sullivan, and with authentic food in a cool setting, she wasn’t let down

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  • Restaurant Review - Forest & Marcy

    Restaurant Review - Forest & Marcy

    07 June 2016

    Things got off to a slightly rocky start at the new Forest & Marcy on Dublin's Upper Leeson Street, says Lucinda O'Sullivan, but it soon became smooth sailing, as Ciaran Sweeney's outstanding food couldn't but impress

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  • Our Latest Great Place To Eat - Baan Sujittra

    Our Latest Great Place To Eat - Baan Sujittra

    01 June 2016

    The level of choice in this country, when it comes to varied cuisine, has really taken leaps and bounds forward. With the ever-growing foodie culture showing no signs of slowing down, we’ve never had so much choice where good food is concerned.

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