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  • Michelin 2014

    Michelin 2014

    29 September 2013

    MICHELIN Guide announced its much vaunted Michelin Stars 2014 last week with editor Rebecca Burr saying, "We have never produced a GB & Ireland guide that provides our readers with such diversity and variety.

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  • Autumn Food Festivals

    Autumn Food Festivals

    23 September 2013

    It's very seldom that we slide gently into autumn, but this summer has been a real cracker, which has raised our spirits and given us all more positive thoughts. We have had a summer of food festivals countrywide and now, as we approach the season of mist

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  • Restaurant Review - The Greenery

    Restaurant Review - The Greenery

    23 September 2013

    Tucked away in the corner of a little strip of shops in Donnybrook Village is The Greenery. With a candy stripe awning over a couple of outside café tables, the ambiance is light bright and relaxed with pretty young girls flitting around.

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  • Restaurant Review - Marcel's

    Restaurant Review - Marcel's

    20 September 2013

    It’s funny how some new eateries manage to hit the ground running whilst others make excuses for their failings for weeks. Located in what was the former Espresso Bar on St. Mary’s Road in D4, facing the Dylan Hotel, the new Marcel’s Restaurant exudes

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  • Honest2Goodness really is Honest To Goodness

    Honest2Goodness really is Honest To Goodness

    19 September 2013

    FOUR years ago this coming November, brother and sister team, Colm and Brid Carter took the risky step of launching Honest 2Goodness, an artisan food market, in a warehouse on Slaney Close in the Dublin Industrial Estate in Glasnevin. Since then, H2G has

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  • Our Latest Great Place To Eat - La Dolce Vita

    Our Latest Great Place To Eat - La Dolce Vita

    12 September 2013

    La Dolce Vita is a popular Italian restaurant, which was previously in Sandyford Village and is now in a super new contemporary premise, complete with an outdoor terrace, in the Sandyford Industrial Estate.

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  • Restaurant Review - Beeftro

    Restaurant Review - Beeftro

    11 September 2013

    Is it mere coincidence that in a recession people love to snuggle themselves up beside the security of a humongous steak? Certainly we are seeing plenty of new beef eateries hitting our streets.

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    10 September 2013

    Can you imagine how you would feel if you saw a picture of yourself, decapitated, blood dripping down, your hair being grasped by an angry looking man, whilst his companion, clutching the offending cleaver, stared angrily out of the photo? This is what I

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  • Lucinda meets Vivien Walsh - Jewellery Designer

    Lucinda meets Vivien Walsh - Jewellery Designer

    10 September 2013

    THERE is nothing to put a glint in a girl's eye more than the sight of a nice little jewellery box!

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  • Restaurant Review - Breakfast is King

    Restaurant Review - Breakfast is King

    05 September 2013

    “Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Lord, and dine like a pauper”, is an old adage. Perhaps it’s not a bad one for, having cast aside our Celtic Tiger ways and returned to many old traditions, we are realizing that perhaps Granny did really know best.

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