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  • Salt & Chilli Prawns

    Salt & Chilli Prawns

    31 December 2010

    After all the rich meats and game, salt and chilli prawns went down well on New Year's Eve...

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    08 December 2010

    Christmas Markets are the buzz this year and there are lots around the country be they one day events or weekly in the lead up to the big day.In Dublin there is a new Christmas Market at Fitzwilliam Square this year with over 70 stalls lit up by more tha

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  • 34th Kinsale Gourmet Festival Kicks off....

    34th Kinsale Gourmet Festival Kicks off....

    08 October 2010

    This evening saw the kick off of the 34th Annual Gourmet Festival at a Champagne Reception at the White Lady.

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  • Autumn Courses

    Autumn Courses

    27 September 2010

    Guess what? The traditional Aran sweater, a la Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers, is back in high fashion and on the catwalks of Europe. When I say traditional, I mean traditional, and not in the funky funky revival way of 10 or 15 yea

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  • Booze Cruise 2010

    Booze Cruise 2010

    09 September 2010

    With the kids firmly ensconced at their school desks this is the time when dedicated booze cruisers set sail for La Belle France to stock up the cellars for autumn. There is no doubt but that you save an awful lot of money on wine in France.

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  • Get Back to Cooking

    Get Back to Cooking

    30 August 2010

    For the past fifteen years our TV screens have been literally awash with cookery programmes from the sublime to the ridiculous. We have had the Two Fat Ladies, doling out colonial style ‘receipts’ with Jennifer dipping her grotesquely painted finger

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  • Memories of France

    Memories of France

    21 July 2010

    The French may think they are very chi chi but they have yet to cotton on to decent beds – that is unless you are staying in the Ritz! We now take for granted our high off the floor superking beds with orthopoedic mattresses and it is only after a night

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  • Indonesian Spicy Summer Dressing

    Indonesian Spicy Summer Dressing

    26 June 2010

    Chameleon Restaurant's Kevin O'Toole shares his fantastic recipe for a summer dressing with a difference.....

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  • The Ultimate Hotelier

    The Ultimate Hotelier

    08 June 2010

    We all remember in the movie Pretty Woman how the suave Hotel Manager came to the aid of “Vivian”, played by Julia Roberts, when she needed a special gown for the ball with Richard Gere’s character “Edward”. He had been somewhat disapproving initially of

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    12 May 2010

    Without any F-words, tantrums, or attention seeking antics, one of the best known, most talented and, above all, most respected names in the Irish culinary world undoubtedly has to be Colin O’Daly. Most would associate Colin O’Daly with Roly’s Bistro..

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