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Our Latest Great Place to Eat

Wednesday 15 August 2012

There’s a very thin line in this country between ‘Al Fresco’ dining and what is basically the strung together Smoking Area.  Scant effort goes into providing real designated outdoor dining options in comparison to the Continent, and I refer particularly to England, or the North of France, where it is not always that warm.   I love sitting in places like Cancale and Saint Malo on covered decks, which abound all over the place and can’t be that expensive to construct.  I was reflecting on this whilst breakfasting one Sunday morning recently on the fantastic enormous terraces of the Martello Hotel on Bray seafront, where we had been enticed by friends who are regulars there.  I had Eggs Benedict with Butler’s Organic eggs and Serrano ham whilst Sir had the Full Irish.  It was a lovely interlude, and we were inordinately delighted with ourselves, sitting looking out to sea, with Bray Head on our right, and a colourful extravaganza of nationalities and walks of life promenading by.  From great big communion dresses to colourful saris, they were all there.  

The Martello Hotel, which has brought a new vibrancy to Bray, has two great dining options, The Martello Bar and The Tower Bistro.  The Martello Bar menu is extremely comprehensive and is perfect whether you want to dine lightly or eat fully.   It covers everything from steaks to seafood, salads to posh sandwiches, pasta and curries.  Starters include all the popular stalwarts from glazed chicken wings with a barbeque and chill sauce with blue cheese dip, to chicken satay on a bed of noodles.  Homemade chicken liver pate is with an apple and saffron chutney with crispy baby ciabatta whilst deep fried St. Brendan’s Brie is wrapped in wonton pastry with dressed leaves and cranberry coulis.