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Our Latest Great Place To Eat - Tango Street Food

Our Latest Great Place To Eat - Tango Street Food

Friday 13 October 2023

Food is a big deal in Argentina and the cuisine there is a wonderful melding of the different cultures who have resided there, with millions of immigrants coming from Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany and even Ireland.

Pamela and Facundo are part of the new face and greatly revived food scene in Killarney, the atmosphere and enthusiasm here is infectious with great pastries and pizzas during the day. Indeed, the Pizzeria at Tango is indeed a star attraction with its fabulous beautiful Neapolitan oven custom built brick by brick in Italy, weighing a whopping one and a half tons and fuelled soley by timber. No gas, no electricity. The pizzas, as you might suspect, are superb, with an excellent selection available prepared with their authentic Italian artisan fermented dough. Think meatballs and jalapenos; N’duja and hot honey; or their gorgeous ‘out of the blue’ Roquefort pizza. All the favorites are their two like a funky funghi or a classic pepperoni pie.

Empanadas too are a popular dish at Tango, stuffed to the brim with delicious spices and veg, and your choice of beef, chicken or sweet corn. One of the most popular dishes across Latin America, with each country adding their own twists, these little half-moon pockets of dough with their scrumptious fillings are truly a delight.

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