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Restaurant Review - The Club at Goffs

Restaurant Review - The Club at Goffs

Wednesday 19 April 2023

I’m not going to lie, we were a little startled as we looked across at the elongated and featureless white building of The Club at Goffs. Resembling a school or hospital, the lack of landscaping — which is being added — probably didn’t help, but tally-ho, we said, galloping across from the car park like two eager fillies.

Through the doors, we were relieved to find a horse of a different colour, with a discreet lobby leading straight into a bar area and, the main event, the long, narrow restaurant. Again, it’s functional in design, like an airport diner, with large booths running the length of the left side of the room. These overlook a central double row of smaller booths, and a further row of tables on the right with windows overlooking the paddocks.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent