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Our Latest Great Place To Eat - Trieste Cafe & Wine Bar

Our Latest Great Place To Eat - Trieste Cafe & Wine Bar

Monday 06 March 2023

Inspired by the port city of Trieste in North-East Italy, famed for its beautiful sunrise-coloured facades, latticed alleyways and hushed boulevards - James Joyce even lived there for a time in his younger days - this fab European style café and wine bar is the perfect place for a bite or a sip, right in the heart of Galway’s hustle and bustle. Bright and airy throughout the day, Trieste develops into an enchanting space after the sun sinks below the horizon. The warm ambience of the continental décor is beautifully contrasted by the imposing beauty of the overshadowing Augustinian Church.

When it comes to food, boards are the big thing here, with a wonderful assortment of antipasto options to choose from. Their Classic Trieste Board features cured meats like chorizo Iberico, peppered pastrami, saucisson sec and poultry pate, along with four artisan cheeses of your choice,  fresh seasonal fruit and berries, dried fruits, mixed nuts, olives, a selection of breads, crackers, relishes and chutneys. Your cup runneth over! And, while I’m on the subject, the carefully chosen wine list at Trieste, which combines a great selection of old world classics with some more adventurous new world varieties, is brimming with choice. 

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