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Restaurant Review - Chinese New Year

Restaurant Review - Chinese New Year

Wednesday 08 February 2023

It’s often said that Chinese restaurants have a special hardcore menu for their Chinese diners, rather than the westernised versions proffered to other patrons. Well, judging by the bemused faces of my compatriots on a visit to the new Nan Chinese Restaurant on Stephen Street, it seemed we’d unknowingly hit paydirt, and they weren’t exactly overjoyed.

With chopsticks both paused and poised awaiting my reaction, like a proverbial rabbit in the headlights, I could see that these very widely travelled, experienced restaurant enthusiasts were nonetheless longing for a familiar crispy-skinned aromatic quacker doused with plum sauce, rather than the austere grey, cold, chopped Nanjing salted duck (€13), complete with soft skin and bones in, that was facing us.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent