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Restaurant Review - Herbert Restaurant

Restaurant Review - Herbert Restaurant

Wednesday 21 December 2022

I’ve written many times on how Ireland has been virtually ignored over the years by Michelin and the so-called World’s 50 Best Restaurants. When I contacted the World’s 50 Best a few years ago asking who its judges were in Ireland, the Head Man rang me back and, clearing his throat repeatedly, told me that out of the then 32 judges voting in the UK and Ireland category, one man in the north of England was familiar with Ireland!

Surprise, surprise, the next year I was appointed to the judging panel. What difference could I make as one vastly outnumbered judge? Very little, but I suppose they thought it would shut me up. It didn’t. I discovered that the method of voting is very airy-fairy. Judges in each region got a form to complete, specifying their four ‘top’ restaurants in their category and three others worldwide. I could’ve put down somewhere in Moscow and nobody would’ve known if I’d ever crossed the doorstep.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent