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Restaurant Review - La Terrace

Restaurant Review - La Terrace

Wednesday 14 September 2022

While the moniker ‘Savoy’ is associated with posh hotels in London, Rome and New York, the five-star Savoy Hotel in Limerick is not named for them but rather pays tribute to the iconic Savoy Theatre, which was at the heart of the city’s cinematic, theatrical and social life for over half a century on that site.

The main entrance was on Bedford Row, with the stage door and entrance to the cheaper seats on Henry Street. Back in the day, cinemas and theatres also had restaurants, bars and cafes, and, indeed, the plush Savoy had two floors of restaurants with immaculately uniformed waiting staff and usherettes. The head doorman at cinemas would always be distinguished by a gold-braided military-style greatcoat and hat, as they marched up and down, monitoring the queues.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent