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Restaurant Review - Seaview House Hotel

Restaurant Review - Seaview House Hotel

Wednesday 06 July 2022

Throughout the interminable lockdowns of the past couple of years, we all dreamt of where we would go and what we’d do once the nightmare was over. For some, it was long-haul trips to exotic places, or stretching out by a pool in a European hotspot. On my post-pandemic bucket list, however, the only thing that I want to do abroad is our annual September ferry trip for the wine sales in the northern France, where for years, Brendan and I drove around checking out a different place to stay and eat each night, and coming back to tell you all about it. Many of you have even got in touch over the years to tell me how much you enjoyed following in our footsteps, which, honestly, has been a great joy for me.

One man wrote telling me how, when his wife read my article on Normandy one Sunday morning, she put the paper down in front of him saying: “This is what we need.” She’d been undergoing chemotherapy but, having got permission from her specialist, they took off last minute and he said it was the best thing they ever did.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent