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Restaurant Review - Davy Byrnes

Restaurant Review - Davy Byrnes

Wednesday 20 April 2022

“Sorry about that, ladies,” was the glib mantra of the smart-arsed meeter-greeter at a new Dublin restaurant as we arrived hoping for a late lunch following a visit to the hairdressers on Molesworth Street. The restaurant had been posting that they were doing lunch right through to 5pm.

However, on arrival, the receptionist — with the chef sitting, eyes down, beside her — told us otherwise. “But it’s still on your website today,” I said. “Sorry about that, ladies,” she trotted out again in a tone that felt more like, “Feck off and don’t be annoying me.” It was the dismissive way we were spoken to that was so infuriating, not that we couldn’t have lunch, and it just brings home again how important front of house is.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent