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Restaurant Review - Babette

Restaurant Review - Babette

Wednesday 13 April 2022

It wasn’t quite When Harry met Sally, but when La Bodega met Babette, it was indeed a very nice feeling. Restaurants have bent forwards, backwards and sideways to cope with the effects of the pandemic over the past couple of years, morphing into all sorts of different skins as required.

One such place is La Bodega in Ranelagh which, for the past decade or so, has had a regular clientele who’d nip down from the affluent red-brick houses in the area for gambas al pil pil, calamares a la Romana, and a couple of bottles of white wine. But, I guess things always have to move on and, last December, owner Ali Barker announced that the next chapter would be a new restaurant, a new look, new food, but still the warm welcome and familiar faces.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent