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Restaurant Review - Masala

Restaurant Review - Masala

Wednesday 16 February 2022

There’s been lots of romancing on Twitter over the past two years as to where people would like to visit when we are all free again to take to the skies or the oceans without regulations. People are dreaming of long-haul destinations — the beaches of the sunny Seychelles; hiking in the Himalayas; the teahouses of Tokyo; tango classes in Buenos Aires; safari s in South Africa, and so much more.

With Valentine’s Day next weekend, I’ve been flirting with the notion of where I’ll take off to when the pandemic is a distant memory. My long-held desire has been a trip to India, where I might, perhaps, sit wistfully like Princess Diana, all alone in front of the Taj Mahal — though trying to beat back the crowds to get a solo picture would be next to impossible nowadays. Still, I can dream.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent