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Our Latest Great Place To Eat - Cluck Chicken

Our Latest Great Place To Eat - Cluck Chicken

Tuesday 01 February 2022

Hitting the nail on the head of what people wanted, in no time at all there were queues for their fantastic Love me Tenders of all varieties including lip-smacking Sticky Korean, Truffle Parmesan, Smokey BBQ, Cheese Bacon, and In The Nip!

Demand increased and Ian and Elaine invested in a 20ft container setting up the Cluck Yard on Greenhills Road. Hun Bun’s also feature and have been a major part of the Cluck Chicken success story. The Mother Clucker features buttermilk fried chicken with roast garlic mayo, pickles, dripping cheese sauce, all in a delicious toasted bun, while the K.F.C. is Korean fried chicken with kimchi slaw, miso mayo, and pickle cucumber in the toasted bun. Are there fries? Of course there are fries – in fact there’s a whole world tour of fries from kimchi cheese to taco mince, truffle Parmesan to cheesy bacon, gravy fries to plain old ‘in the nip’ fries.

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