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Restaurant Review - The Hound @ Mount Juliet

Restaurant Review - The Hound @ Mount Juliet

Friday 25 June 2021

Over the last 16 months, life has changed for those in the hospitality industry, but also for the restaurant critics, as we spend so much time out and about. The role of the restaurant critic, generally, is to act for the reader, turning up at a restaurant, anonymously, and experiencing what the restaurant has to offer.

Our insights haven’t always pleased the restaurateur or chef. I get that, but in my experience, the wise ones, instead of tossing their plaits, take the criticism on board and fix the problems.

Some critics don’t go out around the country very much, and when they do they just head for the hip, hot names, which is a shame because the food nowadays is superb pretty much everywhere. For me, the joy of the job is being out on the road visiting places in person, instead of on Instagram following Twitter shout-outs for recommendations. 

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First Published In The Sunday Independent