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Foodies Fight Back with Lucinda

Foodies Fight Back with Lucinda

Thursday 06 May 2021


Owned by husband and wife team Sarah Richards and Conor Naughton, Seagull Bakery is an artisanal sourdough bakery in Tramore, Co Waterford. Tramore native Sarah began by selling her bread at the town's market. Her Saturday-morning stall proved so popular that she was able to move up to bricks and mortar, opening on Broad Street in 2016. They’ve recently launched a second Seagull, in Waterford city. Sarah told me how they’ve been getting on.

“March 2020 saw us close the doors of our beloved bakery for the first time ever. We made the decision to create an online shop with home delivery, but quickly realised it was unsustainable for us — so we went click and collect only.” In May 2020, they decided to open a hatch at the bakery, and soon had to open a second hatch to speed up the queue.

“During the first lockdown I had to be home with my children and there for my father to provide shopping and meals. It gave me time to reflect on life and the business, and forced me to delegate more. It also forced us to analyse our space, due to social distancing guidelines. We realised how small and inefficient our workspace is, as much as we love the buzzing beehive atmosphere.”

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First Published In The Sunday Independent