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Restaurant Review - Ripasso

Restaurant Review - Ripasso

Friday 23 April 2021

Strolling Bray’s famous Victorian promenade on a sunny Sunday afternoon among the crowds of eclectic and colourful day-trippers seems like another world — yet it was less than two years ago. Who could have foreseen what would be coming down the tracks several months later?

I have fond memories of Bray, Co Wicklow. My parents used to take me ‘out there’ from Dublin as a small child to visit an aunt. We would spend a couple of nights in one of the many old-style B&Bs that dotted the seafront back then. They were of the no-frills variety, with shared bathrooms, rationed hot water, skinny breakfasts, and landladies who were a breed unto themselves — running their establishments with a rod of iron. They were probably very like many seaside establishments around the UK, and Bray was certainly a popular holiday destination for the Brits. However, it all seemed like paradise to a small child with lots of ice-cream cones, dips in the freezing waves, and visits to the amusement arcades — which my father loved.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent