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Foodies Fight Back with Lucinda

Foodies Fight Back with Lucinda

Thursday 15 April 2021

Caterer Adam Fleetwood and chef Eve Whitaker got off to a great start with their Greenville cafe deli in Dublin's bustling Tara Street from autumn 2019 until March 2020 when it all came to a crashing halt.

"We were thrilled with how things started," says Eve. "The nine-to-fivers flocked to us for our hearty sandwiches and homemade soups. We branched into supplying hungry meeting-goers throughout the capital."

However, when the offices all closed, their entire customer base was decimated. Overnight, the city centre became a ghost town.

"'We quickly realised things were not going to get back to normal anytime soon. We needed to innovate, and, with that, a fantastic opportunity presented itself."

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First Published In The Sunday Independent