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Restaurant Review - Sprezzatura and Platform Pizza

Restaurant Review - Sprezzatura and Platform Pizza

Friday 19 March 2021

Did you ever think the day would come when you'd be worked up about a fella with a mask and plastic gloves bringing a box to your doorstep? Him disappearing like lightning and you grabbing it as quickly as you can before retreating into your bunker in a state of panic. Well, neither did I! And no, it's wasn't the Milk Tray Man calling, but my weekly dine-out at-home treat.

We're almost a year into the pandemic and the box business has become a lifesaver for restaurants, and a bit of a 'lucky dip' for you and me. We've all become experts, and maybe a tad choosy. Will we ever be able to go back to the sweet and sour and a few spring rolls?

Choosiness aside, read the T&Cs of food boxes before you order and be clear on the important stuff. Will I be able to lash it on the table after a quick blast in the microwave or the oven, or will I have to get out the tweezers to assemble the finer details of a Michelin, or aspiring Michelin, meal?

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First Published In The Sunday Independent