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Restaurant Review - Out of the Box Dining

Restaurant Review - Out of the Box Dining

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Meals on wheels has taken on a new meaning over the last eight months as we've waited for the latest restaurant dinner to arrive, with a sense of excitement we never thought we'd have at the sight of a brown cardboard box on our doorstep. When we rang in the new year, I'd never have thought that, by autumn, I'd be longing for some snippy meeter-greeter to show me to the worst table in a restaurant to enjoy a couple of hours eating some cocky chef's Nordic-inspired creation of Irish artisan produce.

Even freezing yourself outside as one of the lucky 15 is now something to be relished. I've also dreamt of hovering at a steaming breakfast-buffet bain-marie of undercooked fatty bacon and slimy sausages, sidestepping the elbow-flexing for a turn at the toaster, only to watch my slice disappear with some impatient techie type or a polo-shirted golfer in roaring red trousers. Avoiding all eye contact, clutching my little white side plate as I try to snaffle the least exposed croissant. Oh, what fun!

It would be bliss to choose our own greasy fried eggs or clunky scramblers again, rather than having to suffer through the translucent albumen of undercooked oeufs plonked down on a plate by a socially distanced waitperson in a visor. One can dream.

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First Published In The Sunday Independent